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Cheese, Corn,  Chorizo

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  • 2 x Corn

  • Butter

  • Pepper

  • Salt

  • Flour (for the roux) - same amount as butter 

  • Milk

  • Cheese of choice (recommended: black boomer cheese) 

  • Chorizo

  • Olive oil

Step 1

Start by cooking your corn until it reaches a tender consistency. Set it aside in tin foil with a combination of butter, pepper, and salt.

Step 2 

Begin crafting a roux, Mix well and gradually add milk to achieve a béchamel—no need to go overboard with the quantity.

Step 3 

Incorporate your cheese of choice; I recommend a robust cheddar such as the Snowdonia Black Boomer Cheese. Stir the ingredients together until the sauce is not only smooth but also thick.

Step 4 

Slice chorizo into thin, pieces. In a pan, fry the chorizo slices in a touch of olive oil until they are golden, slightly crispy texture. Once done, set them aside.

Untitled design.png


To assemble your dish, pour the cheese sauce into the base of a bowl. Add the corn on top and generously layer with the golden, crispy chorizo. For an extra burst of flavour, drizzle some of the chorizo oil on the creation. Finish off with an extra sprinkle of pepper for a final touch.

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